The powerful and efficient JCB TM320 is designed to be as productive as possible. A powerful engine, permanent 4WD, servo controls and numerous other benefits are built in. 

With articulated steering, telescopic reach and a huge range of attachments, the JCB TM320 is a supremely productive machine. In short, the TM320 combines the features of a wheel loading shovel with the benefits of a telescopic boom to give great versatility on any site. 

It’s powered by a 93kW super-efficient JCB EcoMAX (T4F/Stage 4) engine with high torque at low revs for reduced fuel consumption. The TM320 also features a ±10° oscillating centre joint and permanent four-wheel drive for great performance in any conditions. A Z-bar linkage makes for huge tearout force and attachment crowd power.

A 4-speed JCB Powershift transmission and class-leading powertrain components to deliver high efficiency and productivity.

All of this adds up to a forward reach of 3 m, a lift capacity of 3.2 tonnes and a lift height of 5.2 m


Maximum Engine Power
Maximum Lift Capacity
Maximum Lift Height


We’ve designed the JCB TM320 to maximise productivity by being comfortable, easy to operate, safe and easy to service.

Controls are intuitive to use and ergonomically positioned inside a spacious cab with luxury fully adjustable seating and optional air conditioning. There’s great ventilation, plenty of storage space and inclined front steps with well positioned grab handles for safe, easy access.

There’s also superb all-round visibility, courtesy of a central seat, a one-piece windscreen, a low boom pivot, and narrow pillars, with optional rear view camera.


We appreciate that a telescopic wheel loader is a major investment for any business, so we’ve designed ours to be durable, serviceable and reliable.

A sophisticated design process, the highest quality manufacture and a meticulous testing programme guarantees the quality of all components. Quality and strength are built into the very fabric of the machine, particularly the chassis and boom. All major components are made by JCB to ensure that only the highest standards are met.

All major greasing points have been extended to 500 hours - for minimum downtime.

JCB’s unique Adaptive Load Control protects the machine and operator against forward overloading.


We’ve designed the JCB TM320 telescopic wheel loader to be supremely productive. With a 140 l/min Variflo hydraulic system and proportional control of auxiliary services the TM320 can work seriously hard.

The 93kW EcoMAX engine meeting Tier 4 Final (Stage 4) emission regulations is highly efficient, producing its power and torque at low revs to maximise fuel economy. Add to that the four-speed powershift transmission, servo controls and the permanent 4WD, and general rehandling tasks have just got a whole lot easier.



The JCB TM320 telescopic wheel loader features a 4-speed powershift transmission, giving you greater flexibility no matter what the job at hand is. 
Numerous attachments and various carriage options mean you can do more jobs with one machine. 

With a range of different tyre options, we can cater for different environments or industry sectors to meet your specific needs. 
A large 160-litre fuel tank increases refuelling intervals and a lift capacity of 3.2 tonnes makes the TM320 more flexible to your needs.